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Monday, March 12, 2012

Slice of Life 2012 - 12

I've always loved the rain.
Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, you must learn to love the wet, (or at least learn to deal with it!). This often meant damp soccer practice, sliding into a muddy second base or walking in the rain from class to class. A little rain never hurt.
When I moved to a dry and arid place I immediately missed the rain and the resulting lush landscape. I longed to walk in the rain instead of the below freezing winter snow or the 90+ sweltering heat. So, upon moving back I was eager to dig out my rain gear. The falling rain rarely stops me from venturing outside, especially with new waterproof running gear. but today, as the rain fell steadily, as the puddles grew and the ducks took shelter, I sat watching and listening. And I decided that it's nice to be back in this moisture rich area, but it's also pretty nice to sit inside with a cup of hot tea and a book.

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Juliann in WA said...

That was an amazing amount of rain today - they even re-closed the road to the library!