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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

2012 challenge - running

snowy, icy roads ahead!
I haven't made too many running goals. i was afraid it would jinx me and lead me astray. Sure, I did my fair share of 50 miles in a month challenges, but by the time I signed up for the challenges, I'd already accomplished the goal, so it was more about maintenance than achieving.

Yesterday was my first chance to run after a week of wild winter weather. I still can't figure out how I mustered up the motivation to put on my running gear and head out, but it likely had to do with the clear blue sky and sun streaming through the windows. As I stepped into the sun, I decided to aim high, figuring that once I got started, I wouldn't want to stop. I was right. I ran 6 miles.

We ofter run about 5 miles, but to me that extra mile feels like so much more. Only one other time have I run 6 miles and that was last Summer. I was really excited to see that despite a week off of running and necessary stops to trudge through a shaded snowy patch of trail, I was only 14 seconds slower than last summer.

That inspired me to set a goal: by the end of 2012, I want to run 6 miles in under an hour. I'm already close, my PR is 1:03.04, but 4 minutes is a lot to shave off; almost a minute a mile. Maybe I'll achieve my goal next week, maybe next month or perhaps a few months down the road. Regardless, I hope this goal will help me make an effort to attempt longer distances and to become more confident in my ability.

Plus, it's emotionally, physically and spiritually good for the heart :)

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Juliann said...

There it is - that place where you can see yourself as a runner and you want to push it - I found myself in the same place when I was getting close to blue! Strong work!