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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

one little word | 2012

i struggled to decide on my word for this year. 
i was inspired by the idea that my word is something i am inviting into my life. 

so i began thinking about what i want need to have in 2012 that i hadn't intentionally  invited into 2011.

i wavered between two words, feeling that neither quite captured the essence of what i need this year.  i steeped in those two words for almost a week. i looked in various thesauruses & dictionaries in an attempt to find a point of intersection between them.

and then, it hit me.


I have been striving so hard to make time and room for things that i enjoy and i notice more and more my ability and tendency to multitask in an effort to check off everything on my list. but am i doing things to my full capacity? i am enjoying things as fully as i could?

so, for 2012 i choose to build on what i learned in 2011  & my focus will be to...
...get to the heart of matters. 
...put my whole heart and energy into tasks. and eat well for a healthy heart.
...make time for friends and family for a joyful heart.
...serve and share for a blessed heart.  


Seth said...

I love your new blog! Nice colors and layout. And I think you chose the perfect word!

Juliann said...

lots of possibilities for that word - how about an acrostic?